Hello my name Is Mari Mezzatesta, I am an Interior Designer In Arizona.
My passions are simple, To Design a clients space and also to create everything in the design.
My gifts are Color and Fabrics, I hope you can see from my items in my site that everything I do, is done with a lot of passion and love for my craft.

Here is an example of the things that I love the most about what I do...

I hunt and buy antique furniture or newer, and recreate it. I chalk Paint it, redesign it, and turn it into a special piece for a specific client.
I also LOVE to sew, I make everything for a clients needs, i.e.: Custom made bedding, Draperies, Pillows, Bed skirts, Baby Bedding, Little girls dresses, etc. I think you get the idea. :)

I am available to do a consultation in your home for a nominal fee, but I do not limit our time together. Just as in any relationship, this to must take its time. I will spend as much time as needed to make sure your comfortable and that every question was answered.
By me creating every design, this eliminates the need for sub contractors or work rooms, therefore allowing me to make this a much more economical journey for you.
Interior Design doesn't have to be so expensive, I do this for the client who really needs the help, but can't necessarily afford to hire an expensive designer.

I have a long background in construction, and I have also done many other construction type of work. Laying tile for a back splash, floor in a bathroom, or a fireplace surround. I do not advertise that this is available, because there are just some things that need to be hired out.

If your considering help for a [project but are un sure wether you can afford it or not, Please contact me or call me directly at 602-618-7749 and I will give you prices and answer any questions that you are wondering about.

Enjoy my merchandise that I have made, I do not use patterns for anything, but if I do, I will state it in the listing. Mostly I create everything custom for each customer and there specific needs.
You will not get what is in the picture, I will contact you after purchase to design what your wanting. and after fabric selection I will begin your item.

Thank you for visiting my site, If you would like to meet me in person, and see some of my work, I will be in Scottsdale on May 6th,7th,and 8th 2016 at WestWorld, If your coming north on the 101 from Chandler, you will exit Frank Loyd Wright Blvd. and follow the Junkin' Signs.
Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market is twice a year in Scottsdale, and has now expanded to San Diego, so ask at the door for the date and times of those shows if your from out of state.
It costs $8.00 to get in, but a word of advice, If you plan on attending this show, consider coming on Sunday the 8th, there is a considerable amount of people around 13 thousand, just a few, who come on Saturday. Believe me... wait... :)

Please come up to me and let me know you were own my site, and I will give you a special coupon, but its secret... I will tell you at the show how much I am going to give you on any item in my booth... so don't forget.

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